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Diagnostic procedure
Family therapy

Change dysfunctional relationship within the family in order to urge all members to work for the symptom removal.

Parent-child therapy

Games playing activity will help to understand the relationship with parents to dissolve, reactivate emotional discomfort and make the communication functional to the requirements of the child.

Individual therapy

Strengthens the child’s personality , making it capable of facing an environment become “sick ” and of keeping him away from troubles, sufferings.

Couples therapy

We work on the dysfunctional parts of the couple to restore their balance.

Group meetings for children

The meeting of the group allows children to communicate , through the mediation of the game , helping them to realize the effect of their communication on the other and it inspires them to thank about more and inspiring them to reflect and to get used to listen to others.

Group meetings for parents

The groups are led by experienced psychologists in children in order to create a space for parents to share their daily difficulties . The meetings aim to increase the parent’s ability to observe and understand the behavior of their child.

Counseling and parenting support

Work with parents in order to support them in their parenting.


Try to identify , by the child’s suffering, how parents can intervene to help him.

Help desk immigrants

We want to create and allow room for counseling to parents from other countries , with respect and appreciation of their original culture, facilitating social integration between different ethnic groups , and especially children , both in families and in schools .

Training : teachers , pediatricians and psychologists

We propose thematic meetings on the development of the child from 0 to 6 years that aim to improve the ability to observe and understand the child’s behavior.

Meetings in welcoming facility

We offer thematic meetings focused at supporting parents.

Meetings for parents and teachers in schools.

We arrange meetings with parents and teachers , which are focused at improving their skills through greater knowledge of child development , allowing them the opportunity to meet with the group and with a psychologist experienced in childhood , to clarify doubts and uncertainties.

Help desk family

We have a telephone line which is always on and offers to the parents the opportunity to be listened to in order to understand better their child’s discomfort


Working with parents to address the issues presented by their “difficult” child teaching them skills and procedures to change their behavior.

“The game is a creative experience, a foundamental part of life”

D. Winnicott

Listening, cure, therapy for the promotion of a healthy and happy emotional development, through multi disciplinary integrated intervention